Alexandre Gérault


I'm a 20-year-old French student, who is learning sciences. I learn a lot of mathematics, physics and chemistry. I also have to learn English, French and a little about informatics.

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I love sciences. That's why I'm still studying science even having a lot of difficulties. My prefered subject is physics. I don't really know why but I guess this is because I like to know how things around me are working. I also like mathematics, even if it's for me the hardest subject, which need so much time. Chemistry is the last one, which doesn't mean I don't like it: I love this subject too, but not as much as others.


I'm learning informatic languages since I'm 14. I had to make a website in school, I guess for fun, in technology courses but I felt that what we did was not good, that is was not looking like a website. So I decided to learn how we really do one and there it is: I'm making my first personal website. Once I finally finished to learn HTML and CSS, I started to learn others languages like C++ or PHP.


I love sciences and informatic but I can add music, drawings, reading, and a lot more. I can draw on a paper, on my computer. I can play music hours and hours, on my guitar, on my computer. I love to ding too and it happens that I read books very guickly (depend on how good it is).